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On “How’s by You?,” BDR’s 2019 Ropeadope release

“A seamless blend of seemingly disparate influences, creating a post-modern mélange that ranges from the familiar to the surprising…thought-provoking, toe-tapping, boundary-defying music. Key to the group’s inner workings and flow is drummer/manager Joe Pignato, who studied with the legendary Max Roach, among others. Displaying taste, groove, and sensitivity, Pignato provides an admirable foundation for this inspired music, adding drama, abstraction, and color when necessary.” -Modern Drummer, US

“Best of 2019. Experimental and diverse…you ultimately stop trying to comprehend this unravelling psychedelic experience and just learn to accept its mesmerizing nature.” -Blue in Green Radio, UK

“Best of 2019. Absolutely brilliant!” -DJ Nick, UK

“Best of 2019. One disc that grabbed my soul and wouldn’t let go was the sophomore release by drummer Joe Pignato’s boundary-breaking alt-jazz improv group Bright Dog Red. How’s by You? checks off all the boxes, and then proceeds to kick those boxes into itsy bitsy pieces with a mix of jazz, rock, and hip-hop that will make you ask, “Wait… WHAT just happened?” And then you’ll want it to happen again, and again, and again.”-Nippertown, Albany, NY US

“Fiery…free-flowing and immersive. Rhyming, noise and electronics weave in and out.” -Glide Magazine, US

“Un chien nourri au hip-hop, à l’electro, au jazz et qui rappe ; assurément un chien d’avant-garde A dope album!” -Radio Le Grigri, France
[“A dog fed hip-hop, electro, jazz and rapping; certainly an avant-garde dog. A dope album!”]

“A stellar beatnik odyssey, filled with risks, that grows and unfurls more and more after each spin…a big musical Ouija board.” -The Bolg, Twin Cities, US

“What happens when you mix spontaneous jazz, hip-hop, poetry, psychedelics and noise? Bright Dog Red. Never stops evolving – just like we all should.” -Start-FM 94.2, Vilnius, Lithuania

“Spirited and free forming jazz with a bit of electronica and hip hop thrown in for good measure!” -NuJazzSounds, UK

On “Means to the Ends,” BDR’s 2018 Ropeadope debut

“Divine madness…a brilliant package of vibrant, intricate, surprising pieces that was as committed to building & maintaining strong, individual, identifiable structures as they were to making music that consistently thinks outside the box – and then stomps that box into itty bitty pieces.” -Nippertown, Albany, NY US

“Spirited and inspired jazz that skillfully weaves in additional elements of electronica and hip-hop. ‘Means to the Ends’ is exhilarating.” – Blue in Green Radio, UK

“Wild, refreshing, creative music. A sense of mystery because you don’t know where it’s going, where it’s going to end up, but it takes you on a journey. Cracking good music.” – DJ Nick, Radio Winchcombe, UK

“An enjoyable jazz and ‘hip-pop’ hybrid…a seamless and well-crafted product.” -Jazz Journal, UK

“Doesn’t fit into anything, and that’s just fine! So much going on…takes many, many listens before you feel like you’re not getting that one off, ‘this is mine,’ experience… an incredible capture.” -Green Arrow Radio, US

On “Bullet Proof Shoes,” BDR’s 2017 EP:

“Exploratory sounds from a group on the rise… Strikes an insane balance of minimal tactile grooves with massive improvisational freakouts on a jazz club hip hop space odyssey.” -The Bolg Blog, Twin Cities US

“This exploratory session mixes Late Night Tales-type grooves with quality rapping and exceptional musicianship.” -B of The Bolg Blog, Twin Cities US

“a lovely journey in fusion and certainly worth a listen or two (if not more).” chressence of The Bolg Blog, Twin Cities US

“Jazz fans who dig hip hop will love the quick trip into the hazy underworld of Bright Dog Red’s Bullet Proof Shoes.”. -JT of The Bolg Blog, Twin Cities US

“Extemporised psychedelic jazz-hop”-Emerging Indie Bands, UK

“New York’s experimental outfit Bright Dog Red breathe life into their music, evolving with each subsequent sonic experiment. Get lost in Bright Dog Red’s latest offering, ‘Bullet Proof Shoes,’ and revel in musical metamorphosis.” -Masked Faces, Austin, TX US

On Bright Dog Red

“Bright Dog Red is perhaps the most unique band to grace the halls of Ropeadope, and that’s quite an accomplishment. Bright Dog Red hits the stage without charts or set list – they simply start playing and improvise, taking cues from each other and from the audience and room. It’s adventurous, and due to the skill and rapport of the players, surprisingly cohesive.” -Louis Marks, CEO Ropeadope Records, US

“Smokin’! spaced out.” -Jay Hunter, Jazz2K @ the Saint, Albany, NY, US

“Sonic Groundbreakers.” Nu Jazz Sounds, Frome.FM UK

“Starting as a jazz-meets-hip-hop jam band with a loosely-defined membership, Bright Dog Red has become a fixture on the NYC jazz and improvisation scene” -Jazz Journal, London UK

“Inventive and Bold.” UK Vibe

“An innovative and psychedelic mesh of jazz, hip-hop and electronica.” -The Alt Weekly, Albany, NY US

“Put Albany’s Bright Dog Red on your radar as this jazzy psychedelic hip hop posse has potential for some progressive golden era goodness.” -Peck and JT of The Bolg Blog, Twin Cities US

“Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Digable Planets.” -Paul Schulman, indie music veteran, US

“Electric Ahmad.” -Don Lucoff, DL Media, US

“Ahead of the Game” -Jordan Hill, Revolution Radio, US

“Playful.” –New York Music Daily, US