How’s by You? Bright Dog Red’s second album for Ropeadope Records is available on all major platforms.

“A stellar beatnik odyssey.” -The Bolg, Twin Cities


Means to the Ends,” Bright Dog Red’s Ropeadope Records debut, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Digital Music, Bandcamp, and other services.

“Spirited and inspired jazz that skillfully weaves in additional elements of electronica and hip-hop. ‘Means to the Ends’ is exhilarating.” – Blue in Green Radio, UK



“Bullet Proof Shoes,” released in 2017, features a single track, a 31-minute extended improvisation, reminiscent of and inspired by BDR’s live sets.

“Get lost in Bright Dog Red’s latest offering, ‘Bullet Proof Shoes,’ and revel in musical metamorphosis.” Masked Faces Blog


“Teasers.” released in October of 2015, introduced the band’s unique brand of improvisation. “Musician’s music that I highly recommend,” The Bolg.