Videos and photos from BDR’s live performances and press materials.

EPK describing BDR’s Ropedope Debut, “Means to the Ends.”


BDR at Heritage, Philadelphia 10/13/18


BDR at Nublu Classic, New York 03/09/18


BDR with visual artist, Michael Milton, The Madison Theater, Albany, NY 10/13/17


Founding guitarist Russell Somer joins us, Olive’s, Nyack, NY 04/08/17


Getting Psychedelic at Spectrum NYC 01/27/17


APME Conference, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA 06/04/16


Photo Album from Bright Dog Red at Lilypad at Inman 06/03/16



“Odd and Even,” from set 1 at Olives, Nyack, NY 04/09/16

Rhythmic jam, Olive’s, Nyack, NY 04/09/16, with Andy Boxer of ShwizZ

Photo Album from Bright Dog Red at Shapeshifter Lab 03/11/16

BDR Group1 Web (2)


At Spectrum NYC kicking of the venue’s Friday Prog Series 01/08/16

“So Much Trouble”

Start of Second Set


Opening for George Clinton 11/25/15

Taking the stage

Jazz Break and Bars

Instrumental Jam

Final Freestyle


Live at BSP Kingston 11/19/2015

Getting started

Let there be drums

Righteous A Cappella


Live at BSP Kingston 11/19/2015


Righteous, Palemen, and TGRS



Bathed in Michael Milton’s Light Art


At the Dairy Field Music and Arts Festival 09/05/2015


Sound check on a sunny day