Bright Dog Red (BDR), an improvising collective from Albany, New York, fuses free improvisation, electronica, jazz, hip hop, psychedelia, and noise music.

“Bullet Proof Shoes.” BDR’s latest release features a single track, a 31-minute long extended improvisation, reminiscent of and inspired by BDR’s live sets.


“New York’s experimental outfit Bright Dog Red breathe life into their music, evolving with each subsequent sonic experiment… Get lost in Bright Dog Red’s latest offering, ‘Bullet Proof Shoes,’ and revel in musical metamorphosis.”-Masked Faces

In addition to leader Joe Pignato, drums and concepts, BDR features MC Cully, Electronic musician Palemen, Trumpeter Jarritt Sheel, Guitarist Mike “MK” Kemmlein, and Bassist Anthony “The Colonel” Berman.

BDR also features a rotating cadre of affiliated members, players that occasionally augment the core ensemble. Affiliated members include founding guitarist Russell “TGRS” Somer, guitarists Zak Westbrook, Keith Kaufman, Kevin Jolly, and Lana Migliore, founding MC Righteous, Keyboardists Bobby “Keys” Green and Ryan Fausette, bassist Tony Leombruno, saxophonist Mike LaBombard, and electronic musician Omsign, among others.